Luke Haywood of Cardington

Luke Haywood was born in 1740 and in 1765 he enlisted into the 1st Regiment of Foot. He served at Fort George in Scotland and whilst there his life was influenced by a Church of Scotland Minister and he became a committed Christian. After serving in Majorca he returned to the United Kingdom and was heard to preach in the streets of Watford, Hertfordshire in his red uniform. He moved again to Fort George and the Beechen Grove Baptist Church in Watford managed to procure his discharge by the payment of over £20 (a vast sum in those days). He returned to Watford, with the Wife he had married at Fort George, in 1776 and became the Pastor at Beecham Grove. Some 18 months later, under the patronage of John Howard he became the Pastor of the Cotton End Baptist Meeting in Cardington. As part of his pastorate he taught the children in the Church. Sadly he died of a fever aged 43 in 1783. He was buried in the Church and the next incumbent was also to die when just a year into office. At his request he was buried at the feet of Like Haywood. Luke Haywood's Wife, Jane and her four small children moved to Luton and the family were involved straw hat making for many years in Luton.


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